A new healthy, live/work community

Announcing the planned community of Wascana Village in the Rural Municipality of Sherwood, Saskatchewan:


Wascana Village is a healthy, live/work community, providing residential and commercial building exceeding provincial construction standards. It will accommodate an estimated population density of 14,000 people who will live, work and take part in the amenities of the village.  The site of Wascana Village is approximately 736 acres, just southwest of the South City Limits Road and Fleet Street South, located in the Rural Municipality of Sherwood, Saskatchewan. The plan for Wascana Village is fully supported by the RM of Sherwood.


The village has been planned to create a vibrant lifestyle for those who live there as well as work in and use its services. Bike paths have been designed right into the community, along with several parks, four lakes and a toboggan hill, creating opportunities for recreation throughout the year.


Commercial use has been kept separate from residential to preserve quality of life for residents.


Our planners have taken steps to mitigate the possible impact of increased traffic by locating important community amenities such as a grocery store within the village. As a result, it will be possible to drive, walk or ride a bicycle from home to the grocery store, without leaving Wascana Village.


The Wascana Village community will include:


• Housing: single family homes, semis/duplexes, townhomes and rental.

• Student housing

• Commercial shops and services—banks, office buildings, shops, restaurants, cafés. healthcare facilities, a grocery store and others.

• Schools—a secondary school, two elementary schools

• Place of worship

• Seniors’ assisted living facility

• Bike trails

• Parks

• Lakes

• Toboggan hill

• Paved roads and street-lighting

• Wascana Village will be supported by a fully-enclosed sewage treatment facility which has been designed with the latest odour-control technology. The effluent will be near-potable.


Download a PDF of our May 2013 media presentation.



Imagine having waterfalls right in your neighbourhood!




















Waterfalls are one of the highlights of phase one of Wascana Village, enhancing the walkways and parks surrounding a planned lake-like body of water. No matter where someone lives in phase one, they will be only a leisurely stroll or bike ride away from falls.





















Phase one features a spectacular series of waterfalls cascading into a lake-like body of water, surrounded by residential homes and parkland. A cul-de-sac of lots ideal for custom homes curves into the lake at the falls. People using the walkway encircling the water will enjoy views of the falls as well as the soothing sound of falling water. Great Prairie has arranged for lookout stations along the walkway, ideal spots for photography, bird-watching or just relaxing.



Tree-lined streetscapes feature comfortably-sized sidewalks

and decorative streetlamps


Wascana Village streets will look and feel great. Comfortably-sized sidewalks shaded by trees are easily wide enough to accommodate a stroller or a small group of walkers. A grassy strip will separate the sidewalks from the streets. Streetlamps will combine the charm of vintage design with contemporary lighting technology. They’ll be set back from the road for better maintenance.  All gateway streets to the village will feature a landscaped median, creating a real sense of entry.













A stroll along one of Wascana Village's streets is designed to be a pleasant experience.



Access opens up opportunities for merchants and shoppers


Access to shopping in Wascana Village will be easy thanks to plans that indicate a level crossing at Fleet St. South and the South Regina Bypass.


“Access opens up opportunities for merchants of all kinds, from big box to specialty services and retailers,” says Great Prairie President Daniel Schmid. “And for shoppers, it’s spectacular. Whether you live a street away or in Regina, the Wascana Village commercial area will be an exciting shopping destination.”


Homebuilders embrace Wascana Village


The Wascana Village vision is taking hold. The latest news is that some of Canada’s largest national and international homebuilders have indicated that they want to offer purchasers homes that align with current market prices but offer better quality design and construction. As well, builders are looking at creating upscale semis/duplexes on 30’ and 32’ lots and are coming up with plans for innovatively designed affordable housing.

Note: In this website all specifications are preliminary. Images, photos

and renderings are artist's concept. All is subject to change without notice. E.&O.E.


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